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Thursday, 08 May 2014 00:00

San Ignacio Police have arrested two persons for marijuana possession.

 On Thursday of last week, a Quick Response Team was conducting a mobile patrol in San Ignacio Town when their attention was drawn to a brown in color pickup truck, which was coming from the direction of Benque Viejo Town at high speed. As a result the vehicle’s driver was signaled to pull over, but upon seeing that Police officers, the driver drove off at high speed. Police then followed the driver to Stanton Street and then to Buena Vista Street, where the vehicle overturned on Buena Vista Street, just in front of the Police Station.

 A dark in complexion male person then exited the front passenger seat and ran behind the station, where Police then set chase and subdued him. Police then escorted him to the vehicle where they found another male person, upon which they also discovered a red in color crocus bag in the front passenger seat and another white in color crocus bag in the extra-cab behind the driver. Both sacks were then immediately opened in front of Roland Ranique Rivers 32-year-old Belizean driver of Number 77 Daisy Hornby Street and Paul Rubio Morgan 39-year-old Belizean contractor of Mahogany Heights, where the green leafy substance was suspected to be cannabis. Both men were then informed of the offence committed and placed under arrest, pending charges for drug trafficking. The driver, Roland Rivers was additionally charged with a traffic offence.

At the Police Station the red crocus bag was weighed at 28 pounds and the white crocus bag at 20 pounds.