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Thursday, 08 May 2014 00:00

Julian Willoughby, a 24 year-old Antelope Street resident with many enemies, died after a wild shooting incident which left 4 other young people injured on Friday May 5, at around 10:30 p.m.

Willoughby was socializing with 21 year-old Chris Reyes, 20 year-old Phillipa Ramirez, a 14 year-old student and 18 year-old Francisco Rivas at an apartment complex on Antelope Street Extension when 2 gunmen ambushed the crowd and opened fire.

 Reyes was shot to the left arm and left upper chest area, while the minor was shot in the left leg. Ramirez suffered an injury to the left side of the jaw, and Rivas ended up with a bullet in his left upper back. Willoughby, who seemed to be the man that the assailants were targeting however; suffered multiple gunshot injures to the body. He was the only victim who was trapped inside one of the rooms which prevented his escape. In the room, the gunmen executed him after which they immediately retreated and escaped into a waiting vehicle on Pitter Street.

 All 4 of the other shooting victims were rushed to the KHMH for emergency treatment, and the doctors managed to save their lives. They’ve all been released from the hospital early this week, but the family of Julian Willoughby is now forced to make burial preparations.

 Willoughby, who has had multiple brushes with the law, was recently released on bail from prison for an ammunition offence he picked up in December of last year. His family says that Willoughby willingly acknowledged that he had many enemies on the street who wanted him dead. Unfortunately, 2 executed a successful attack against him, injuring 4 other people.