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Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

On Thursday May 8, Albert Ara, who was charged for the murder of Hipolito Tiul along with Juan Rivera in 2006, managed to walk free from the charge. His attorney, Carlo Mason was successful in getting him off the charge when he made a no case submission after a voidaire which was accepted by the judge and he was acquitted of the charge.

Ara and Rivera were charged for the August 23, 2006 murder of Hipolito Tiul who was attacked whilst inside his home in the Society Hall Road area of Cayo. At the time Tiul was chopped to the head and he subsequently died.

On Thursday, two confession statements, one given by Ara and the other by Rivera were not admitted into evidence after a voidaire found that there were conflicting statements given by police officers. While Ara was acquitted, the case continues in the Belmopan Supreme Court against Rivera.

Allegations made by the crown is that on that day, the two men attacked Tiul in an attempt to rob him but they were unsuccessful in that and ended up killing him.

Tiul was at home when someone called out for him.  He did not come out, but his attackers slashed at him through an open window, chopping him once in his head.