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Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

Mrs. Beverly Castillo is not yet elected Area Representative for the Belize Rural Central constituency but she has been able to do much, much more than what the current Area Representative has done even though she has been given the resources.

Mrs. Bev, as she is affectionately known, has been able to make life better for residents throughout the constituency by securing resources and mobilizing equipment to improve road conditions across the area. But it is not only about streets and drains for this UDP Standard Bearer, Mrs. Bev is also putting the personal touch that has been missing for years there. She demonstrated her ability to do so this past weekend as she traversed the entire constituency, village by village holding mother’s day programs and taking gifts to deserving mothers in the division.

At every single stop that Mrs. Castillo made, she was received with welcoming smiles and embraces, and she gave them back just as readily. There was not a single village in the division which she did not visit and though it is a virtual impossibility to touch everyone in the constituency, hundreds of mothers were treated to a mothers day gift and activities.

Dolores, this is what representation is all about. Maybe you should take the almost $7,000 which you receive to take care of the constituency on a monthly basis and try to reach out to the division. Everyone has been saying that you are missing but with Mrs. Bev around, people will not be missing you or your lack of representation very much longer.