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Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

On the 25th of April the Orange Walk Central UDP Committee held its meeting to plan an event to celebrate the mothers of the constituency. All were very motivated with the plan and everyone started working on their responsibilities.

On the 11th of May it was felt and seen that Denny Grijalva is indeed the man for Orange Walk Central he and the UDP Orange Walk Central committee held a massive Mother’s Day Event at the People’s Stadium.  There were over Six hundred mothers in attendance. The event commenced at 3:00 p.m and the evening was filled with joy and entertainment. The mothers were serenaded by Captain Roby, Christy Grijalva and many more local artist.  The moms participated in several games such as musical chairs, dancing contest and other enjoyable games just to name a few.

Throughout the event there were raffles for excellent prizes and gifts were issued to four of the eldest mothers in attendance with ages ranging from 80 to 86 years old. A gift was also given to the youngest mother who is 14 years old. Over a hundred gifts were issued and each mother received a precious corsage. They were also treated to snacks and refreshments.

As the event carried on, those present were honored with the presence of the aspiring candidates for the upcoming Orange Walk Town Council elections. They were there in full force as a helping hand and displaying unity with Denny Grijalva. At the end of the event the mothers left with delight after being pampered by Denny, his committee and the aspiring candidates.

Denny and the UDP Orange Walk Central committee especially thank the business community who donated most generously. Their generous contributions made this event the grand success that it was. Denny and the UDP Orange Walk Central committee will continue to work and bring prosperity and development to the people of Orange Walk Central.  This is another way Denny shows his love and care for all Orange Walk Central.