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Written by The Guardian   
Thursday, 22 May 2014 00:00

We at the Guardian were taken aback on Wednesday morning when Nigel Petillo made pleas to government to rethink its position and allow him to lease out or rent out or let out government property for the benefit of a few. Petillo had entered into some arrangement with a private company for it to bulldoze and plow the buffer area of Harmonyville and plant corn thereafter.

Petillo had taken on the position that if the government did not allow for the planting to take place, members of BGYEA would themselves do the planting and government would have to burn it down to stop the crop. Well BGYEA or any of its members were not serious about their threat and their confrontational position dwindled to one of begging on Wednesday.

We wonder why the sudden change in the stance. We also wonder what agreement exactly did Petillo enter into with the developer and how much money was given for the arrangement to take place. And we say that the agreement must have taken place with Petillo because despite exhaustive searches at the NGO’s registry and the Companies registry we were unable to find BGYEA. So the question is, who was the agreement entered with and what was the consideration? Outside of that we wonder how it is that Petillo can think he can enter into a private arrangement and use government land in that arrangement.

There are many who ask why is it that Petillo did not enter into the arrangement using the over 1000 acres of land that makes up harmonyville instead of putting the buffer area into the equation? Belizeans are looking at this matter closely since it touches an issue that is dear to everyone’s heart... land. There is 1000 acres at your disposal and you choose to use land which does not belong to you for you negotiations, Petillo come clean, or don’t come at all!