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Thursday, 22 May 2014 00:00

Two failed PUP candidates, attorneys both, unsuccessfully tried to discredit Hon. Edmund Castro using the court system. The two attorneys, Arthur Saldivar and Phillip Palacio with the aid of Trevor Vernon sought to have the court declare that Hon. Castro acted inappropriately when he assisted his constituents using resources from the Airports Authority. 

It seems that their claim ended before it started because of the caliber of attorney which was sought. It seems that the junior is less than a junior and a deserving candidate for the classroom dunce. When the case was brought to the Supreme Court, the learned attorney, Denys Barrow, pointed out that really, the case needed to wheel and come again. Phillip who in the last general election asked the voters of Mesopotamia to give him 'a run' actually could barely make it up the steps of the Supreme Court (we will not say he is obese) with a half baked, half hearted effort to have the Supreme Court deem that Hon. Castro acted inappropriately.

A quick survey of law students has it that he made the most basic of errors in taking the matter to the Supreme Court. He brought the matter to court as if it were a private claim when it should have been a public one. Or was it that he brought the claim as if it were a public claim when it should have been a private one. Either way, the Supreme Court told him 'be gone, you fool,' and sent him packing. The entire ordeal was a failed one and the one called Trevor Vernon is now holding a 5 thousand dollar cost of court bag.

We wonder if any of the two, not so learned individuals, who instigated it will pay for it or if the magnanimous People's United Party will foot the bill. We wait and see.