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Thursday, 22 May 2014 00:00

The Connor family continues to grieve the loss of 15 year-old Kevin Connor after he was gunned down and left to die in the secluded area of the abandoned Port Free Zone, which is adjacent to the Jane Usher Boulevard. It is believed that Connor’s death is a form of direct retaliation for the murder of 22 year-old Patrick Bevans.

Police from Precinct 2 were on mobile patrol on Monday, May 19, when at around 10:50p.m. they decided to check parts of the abandoned Free Zone known to attract residents, of the Jane Usher Boulevard. About a mile or so into the property, they found Connor’s body in the middle of the road with 2 gunshot wounds to the head: one to the left temple, and one to the left cheek. The body was removed and taken to the KHMH where it awaits a post-mortem examination.

No one is sure at this time what happened why Connor ended up being shot and killed in that area, but his family suspects that it may have been his friends who lured him to his death. Police from Precinct 2 had detained Connor pending an investigation for the murder of Patrick Bevans, which happened 5 weeks ago on April 23 in the very same Jane Usher Boulevard area. Connor was questioned by investigators and he was later released.

Bevans was a sort of respected street figure in the Jane Usher Boulevard area, and because of the suspicion that Connor was somehow connected to his death, his family believes that the people that he was hanging out with lured him to the area, where his shooter took the opportunity and executed him out in the secluded area.

Sharon Connor, the mother of Kevin Connor, is now left to grieve the loss of her second son, because 2 years ago, in April 2012, Connor’s older brother, 18 year-old Christopher Jorgenson, was killed in the very same fashion as he was. A gun man managed to ambush Jorgenson and shoot him in the abdomen area, which left him hospitalized. He died 3 days later after clinging to life on ventilating machines at the KHMH.

Connor told the media that she tried her best to talk to her son about the dangers of the people whose companionship he kept on seeking out. She said that she told him about her suspicions that they would lead him to his death, but he didn’t heed her warnings.