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Thursday, 22 May 2014 00:00

Police responded to report of a robbery in progress at the corner of Fairweather and Waight Streets on September 2, 2013. They met 32-year-old librarian, Roderick Matura, who told them he was riding his bicycle when he was approached by two men riding on a single bicycle. The men attacked him and took away his bicycle. Before riding off with his bicycle, they beat him up and took away his wallet which contained personal identification documents and cash. Residents in the area called police immediately as the robbery was taking place. Police took Matura in the mobile and they went looking for the attackers.

While combing the area, Matura spotted one of his attackers on his bicycle on Neal Pen Road. As the mobile approached the culprit, officers saw that he threw an object on the ground. The officers moved in to apprehend him and that was when they noticed that the object on the ground was Matura’s wallet. The first attacker apprehended is a 17-year-old minor. The officers then went to look for the second suspect who they caught up with shortly after and identified as 20-year-old Kevin Alvarez. Both men were detained and charged with robbery and harm upon Matura.

The accused were unrepresented in court on Tuesday, May 20, when they appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. They chose to remain silent in their defense and were eventually found guilty of both charges. Sentencing for both men has been deferred to June 23. Neither has been remanded.