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Thursday, 29 May 2014 00:00

arthur saldivar.jpg - 38.45 KbThere are two things that are cute in life and Arthur Saldivar is definitely not one of them. If he thought his stunt of bringing coins to pay legal fees of 9 thousand 500 dollars which he owes to Senior Counsel Rodwell Williams was cute, then he is learning the hard way that he needs to forget the small change and bring the big money whine (refer to article: Arthur and Vernon pay up! On page 3).

On Tuesday May 27, Arthur, trying to be the clown that he is and probably being the mastermind of a similar stunt with Trevor Vernon, decided to try to make a mockery of a court judgment by paying the legal fees he owes in small change. Well no sooner had his minions arrived at the law offices of S.C. Williams than they and his two cans were sent through the door. The payment of two thousand dollars in small change was not received by the office staff at the law firm. The $2000 dollar payment was not received because under a Central Bank Statute, no debt in excess of fifty dollars can be paid with coins. More than that, for Saldivar to have settled the debt, he would have had to pay the entire amount in full as the court had ordered. Two thousand dollars is hardly settlement.

Now S.C. Williams, perhaps aggravated by Saldivar’s antics, will seek a Writ of Execution from the Supreme Court, that means the entire debt will have to be paid.

Saldivar has boldly proclaimed that he will be appealing the decision, well even those without legal training can tell you that the 21 days for appeal has long elapsed and all he can now appeal is the quantum of the judgment. We dare say that because of Saldivar’s attitude that decision may well be upped. Remember when he picked up the phone and decided to libel the Prime Minister, he knew fully well what he is doing. After all he says he is an attorney. By his actions we would dare to begin to question that. Arthur, When you clown yourself, you will be treated like a clown!

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