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Written by The Guardian   
Thursday, 29 May 2014 00:00

Trevor Vernon must have thought himself as cute as Arthr on Tuesday when he made a half payment of a 5 thousand dollar debt which he owed to Senior Counsel Denys Barrow after he was ordered to pay cost in a matter which he initiated against Hon. Edmund Castro but failed. While he made half the payment in shillings, the court had ordered that he pay in full but he did not do so.

Since Tuesday, Barrow made an application to the Supreme Court for a writ of execution and it was granted him. On Wednesday a Supreme Court bailiff paid a visit to Vernon’s house where crow foot markings were placed on his belongings to be confiscated if he is unable to make the second payment. With the crow footing, none of those assets marked can be disposed of by Vernon since these will be sold off in the event that he does not pay the full amount.

And as to what he now owes, because he acted in such a childish manner, the writ of execution fees along with the outstanding amount brings it to $2,710.50 He has 5 days to make payment in default the crow footed items will be confiscated and sold.