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Thursday, 29 May 2014 00:00

vernon delivers money1.jpg - 38.91 KbWe confirmed that it was a PUP transaction when the bags of coins that Trevor Vernon used to pay legal fees to S.C. Denys Barrow turned up short. On Tuesday May 28, Vernon assisted by Peter Carter, carried two sacks of coins to Barrow and company where he was given a temporary receipt stating that he had paid half of a $5000 bill which he owed. The bill arose after Vernon, maliciously, frivolously and vexatiously took a matter to the Supreme Court where he claimed that Hon. Edmund Castro abused his authority when he assisted constituents of the Belize Rural North Constituency. But more than it being done simply to put the good minister’s name in disrepute, he retained the services of a poco-tiempo attorney who improperly prepared the documents. After submissions by S.C. Denys Barrow, Vernon and his attorney were sent packing but not before the judge ordered that Vernon pay legal fees.

To ensure that the court not be taken lightly again, the court ordered that Vernon pay Hon. Castro’s fees of $5000. Immediately upon hearing the judgment, Vernon jumped on Facebook and began to beg for help and seek sympathy for his misdeed. Needless to say, no one took pity on him as everyone knew that he was just another PUP hack trying to create mischief.

He was left all alone holding the bill and the mastermind grinned in private. Lo and behold on Tuesday Vernon reappeared carrying money bags filled with shillings, all told there were supposed to have been 10 thousand shillings but it fell short. So we go back to our original statement- when the coins were counted, the bags came out light, yes, even in a transaction of small change there had to be some dishonesty. And as petty as it sounds, the bearers of the coins simply could not resist to pinch 42 shillings from the bags that is probably all their fistfuls could grab and it amounted to a measly $10.50. We say, these PUP’s can’t even be trusted with small change.

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