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Thursday, 29 May 2014 00:00

Arthur Saldivar, the failed PUP politician who has sometimes resorted to all kinds of tactics to further his agenda, has to cough up ,500 to Prime Minister Dean Barrow for defamation of character. That’s what the Supreme Court of Belize says he owes in a record award of damages for a lawsuit of this kind.

 The defamation attempt by Saldivar took place in 2011, when Saldivar called in on the KREM Wake Up Belize Morning Talkshow. Known as the serial caller, Saldivar is often heard on the radio pushing his different points of view, which tend to have a self-serving motive. On that particular day, he made comments about the Prime Minister and suggested to the public that the Prime Minister was a corrupt politician.

 In response, Prime Minister Barrow sued him in the Supreme Court, and instead of defending himself against the lawsuit, Saldivar chose to ignore the case. He claims to have not been made aware of it in a timely manner and that’s why he didn’t offer a defence.  If you listen to his explanation to the media carefully, you may pick up on the fact that he and his attorneys thought lightly of the lawsuit, that it didn’t have anything of substance that he was liable for.
 His ignorance of the case has now cost him dearly because he didn’t make a defence, and though he’s claiming that he didn’t make the statement he’s being accused of, he didn’t present his version of the case in court. In the wake of that, Justice Courtenay Abel ordered last week Wednesday that for the act of defamation, Saldivar must pay the Prime Minister $50,000 in damages, an additional $10,000 in aggravated damages, and $9,500 cost of court to be paid to the Prime Minister’s attorney, Rodwell Williams.

 On Tuesday, Saldivar concocted a less-than-believable story that the residents of Belize Rural North chipped in and raised $2,000 in quarters and dollar coins for him to pay toward the cost of court. His associates delivered 2 cans of coins to Rodwell William’s law office, to make a partial payment. The story is even dumber than the man who came up with it as surprisingly enough, the two cans had an even $2000 dollars in it. Anybody who has ever sought donations using cans would know that it is next to impossible to get an even figure such as the one Arthur claims to have gotten.

 That’s the same mockery that his affiliate, Trevor Vernon, made of the outcome of the political mischief they stirred up against Rural North Area Rep. Edmond Castro. Vernon made a less than brilliant try, and got slapped with a $5,000 cost of court order after he lost his lawsuit against Castro.

Vernon said that the people of Rural North contributed to paying the legal fees and in so doing was able to raise $2,500. His stupid story says that because the money was contributed in various denominations, he wanted to even things out and changed everything into 25 cent pieces. That adds up to 10 thousand shillings which he bagged and carried to Barrow and Company. 

If you are to believe these disingenuous PUP operatives, the people of Belize Rural North were supposedly in a very generous mood to contribute $4,500 in legal fees in their failed attempts to push political agendas.