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Thursday, 12 June 2014 00:00

eden and garbage.jpg - 52.29 KbTo the rescue once again, UDP councilor Fern Guttierez and UDP Standard Bearer Peter Eden Martinez have lobbied the Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, to clean the access road leading to the garbage dump site and the dump site proper. The road to the site is filled with mounds of garbage all along the side of the road leading to the dump site. The problem was out of hand with  the access road to the dump site being  impassable due to the fact that garbage was piled five feet high in front of the access road. The smell was unbearable from any part of the surrounding area.

The Punta Gorda Town Council, that owns and operates the dump site, has failed miserably.  Mayor Anthony Fuentes has failed to properly dispose of garbage from the town. In Punta Gorda Town, it seems that we do not have a garbage site, just a place where they dump the garbage, which is on the side of the road. The mayor neglects his duties and responsibilities to the voters of PG Town.  

Thanks to Ms. Fern and Mr. Eden who have come to the rescue. The works started on June 10, 2014. One mile of road, where the garbage has been accumulating, is now being cleared. This is Phase I of the rehabilitation of the access road and Dump Site.

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