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Thursday, 12 June 2014 00:00

It is quite a pity that the UDP Central Government simply just can’t take over the affairs of the Punta Gorda town board, after all they were elected by the people. We say its a pity because that municipal body has been doing a terrible job of administering the affairs of the town.

Were it not for the infusion of capital and investment by the central government, nothing would happen in PG. Nonetheless, there are things which the UDP Central Government is doing for the people of Punta Gorda. We can cite that concrete streets are currently under construction thanks to financing by the UDP government. The second phase of the concreting of West Street in the town has commenced and is funded by the UDP central government. The first phase of the project cost $352,000 the second phase will cost $500,000. More than providing better road conditions, the project is seeing the employment of hundreds of workers from the town. 

Along with the concreting of streets, the ministry of National Security is refurbishing the police station which was in great need of repairs. The ministry will be investing in excess of $100,000 dollars in this project and at the end of it the police station will be brought up to standard with a new roof and redesigned interior.

Another project which the central government is now taking care of is the installation of a new Crique Sarco bridge. Thanks to the lobbying efforts of UDP Standard Bearer, financing has been allocated for the construction of a new bridge and work has already commenced with the placing of piles on the approach of the bridge.

It is only through the efforts of the UDP Central Government that progress is being brought to Punta Gorda town. If it were left up to the PUP Town Board, nothing would happen in that municipality.