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Thursday, 12 June 2014 00:00

Residents of Punta Gorda Town have had enough of Mayor Anthony Fuentes and PUP Area Representative Mike Espat’s incompetence and ineptitude. For months now they have been unable or unwilling to properly carry out the simple taskes that they are mandated to do by the good people of Punta Gorda.  Anthony Fuentes’ incompetence in managing the finances of the town has now created among other things a serious garbage crisis in the Town.  He has demonstrated for all to see his inability to do simple tasks required of the town board such as cleaning drains and fixing streets for some time now, but this time he has gone too far.

For weeks now, there has been no garbage collection in the town, so much so that everywhere you turn in that municipality there are heaps upon heaps of garbage. The garbage which has accumulated is not only and eye sore and a blemish to the beautiful town but also a serious and very real health hazzard to its residents. What is worse is that residents actually pay for garbage collection in that town. Calls to the town board about when the collection of garbage will be done go unanswered. Although it is no surprise to anyone that Fuentes’ ineptitude to clean up the town is apparent, what really surprises people is the fact that he is even incapable of clearing the garbage that is infront of the Municipality’s Town Hall. Imagine…he cannot even clean the garbage that he generates; can we really expect him to pick up the garbage others generate?

We are reliably informed that the foreman who is supposed to be in charge of doing the collection of garbage is now Fuentes’ driver and all they do is drive around town as if there is no work to be done. To the people of PG, all we can say is that their opportunity to change things around will come to them in March of next year.  The old saying goes Garbage in…Garbage out. Well, the Punta Gorda residents are now saying to Fuentes, OUT with the garbage. To Fuentes-you can jump into that garbage pile infront of the Town Hall because the UDP is embarking on a clean up campaign. That PUP mayor and his incompetence will be put to pasture and the time to bring back Punta Gorda to its former clean and impressive glory is nigh.

Even as the PUP’s incompetence is plastered all across the town of Punta Gorda, the UDP’s will and skill at managing the affairs of the people are already being put to the test. Already work crews have been mobilized by the next UDP mayor and area representative in Punta Gorda. Mayoral Cadidate Miss Fern Gutierrez and UDP Standard Bearer Peter Eden Martinez have teamed up to get work crews up and running to deal with the garbage problem.  The garbage dump outside of town which had been allowed to explode out of control and spill onto the road has been addressed. This week the daunting task of clearing the garbage and bringing the dump under control was undertaken by Ms. Gutierrez and Mr. Martinez. This only goes to demonstrate that it takes the UDP to clean up the PUP’s mess.

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