Ignore the Laws and Plant Corn on the Buffer Print E-mail
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Written by By Alfonso Noble   
Thursday, 12 June 2014 00:00

Since Nigel Petillo is so adamant about planting corn in the buffer of Harmonyville between miles 41 and 42 on the Western Highway, I have suddenly come up with the idea of doing the same on the buffer between miles 6 and 8 on the George Price highway at Western Paradise Village.

I will go about this by simply looking for an investor, of whom I will require a cash deposit for them to use the stretch of land that is the buffer in front of the village. Since Petillo got an investor to come in to the Harmonyville buffer without first seeking permission from the Government of Belize, that will be my modus as well.

If after the work commences on the buffer to plant corn there, the Government reacts by placing an injunction against the investor and myself, I will simply call on the Rod of Correction to come to my aid. Hopefully they will be able to gather the same 150 people to come to my rescue and to rally for my cause.

If I have failed to mention it, when the investor comes to plant corn at the Western Paradise Village buffer, monetary compensation will be asked of that individual. That money, lets say, will be used to, hmmm.... ohhhh, dig drains in the village. :-)