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Thursday, 12 June 2014 00:00

kirk smith.jpg - 18.65 KbEight people ended up in the hospital over the weekend of June 7 and 8, in 3 separate shootings all believed to be gang related, and connected to a rivalry between the Ghost Town Crips and the George Street Bloods, which escalated.

The first shooting took place on Saturday, June 7, at around 10 p.m. 28 year-old Sigmond Trapp and 25 year-old Anthony Scott were walking on Kut Avenue, and when they arrived at the Amara Avenue Intersection, a black Ford Escort with dark tinted windows drove past. When the vehicle got close enough, someone from inside, lowered a window and fired shots at them before driving off. Trapp was injured in the right hand and right leg, while Scott took bullets to his right hand and upper back. They were both rushed to the KHMH for treatment.

The next shooting incident happened 5 hours later, in which 16 year-old Corine Cory White, a third form student at the Anglican Cathedral College was shot. White was leaving the Princess Casino with 2 other men, one of whom is her boyfriend, and is believed to have a George Street connection. They were in his car in front of the parking lot, and that’s when a gunman ran out and opened fire on the vehicle. White was struck by a bullet in her right ear which travelled down her jaw and ended up lodged in her chest. It was fortunate that the bullet didn’t penetrate her brain, and she remains at the KHMH for treatment.

Perhaps the scariest of the 3 shootings happened less than 21 hours later at the Brown Sugar Marketplace, which is the headquarters of the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi. The Diaz family were throwing a celebration party for 3 graduates in the family, including the daughter of Roger Anthony, the reputed leader of Ghost Town. The family thought that the location was safe and ideal for such a party, since they were catering for 100 or so guests.

At the height of the party, when it was crowded with mostly high school students, 5 men walked in, 2 were armed with handguns and they opened fire on the crowd, sending the party into a panic dash to safety. When the entire ordeal ended, more people ended up getting shot. Those new victims were 19 year-old Windell Neal, 22 year-old Triston Gordon, 26 year-old Daniel Cain, 21 year-old Adelyn Vernon and 22 year-old Kirk Smith Jr.

They all had to receive medical treatment at the KHMH, but the most serious of the group was Kirk Smith Jr. who took shotgun pellets to the back of the head and his back. At this time, police believe that he wasn’t a legitimate party guest, and they intended to investigate him as one of the 2 two shooters who fired on the crowd first. That was until on Tuesday, June 10, when he reportedly ended up brain dead from his injuries.

Of important note is that Smith, was acquitted of murder and was released 4 months ago for the 2010 shooting death of 35 year-old Ian Arnold.

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