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Thursday, 19 June 2014 00:00

Plues Street resident, George Reneau, 49, is behind bars after he was convicted of being in possession of a firearm and ammunition without a gun license.

According to police, a Chinese man was robbed across from the Beauty Plaza parking lot on Church Street on January 24, 2012. A security guard in the area heard when the victim cried out for help. He went to assist and saw Reneau riding away on a bicycle with a bucket in his hand. When Reneau passed him he saw that Reneau was carrying a firearm in the bucket. The security guard held Reneau until police arrived at the scene. PC Gregory Witty was the first police to respond to the robbery scene. When he got there, the victim pointed out Reneua who was found with a loaded .32 pistol. Reneau was not charged with that robbery but he was later charged with keeping a firearm and ammunition without being granted a gun license by the Commissioner of Police.

In Court on Friday, June 13, Reneau told Magistrate Sheraigne Rodriduez that on the morning in question he was going about his own business on Church Street. He claims he is innocent of the charges. However, the evidence against him was overwhelming as both the security guard and the investigating officer testified to the discovery of the firearm in his yellow bucket. He was found guilty of both firearm offenses and sentence to two 5 year in jail. Magistrate Rodriguez ordered the two sentences to run concurrently, meaning he will only serve 5 years in jail.