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Thursday, 26 June 2014 00:00

Nigel Petillo wants to be involved in just about everything that takes place and its things that happen all over the place. Well he was at it again this weekend as he wanted to make his way to Toledo. The problem is that Petillo claims to be broke. In fact he seems to be broke all the time, except of course when he takes those expensive trips to the Guatemalan side of the border- Flores Peten to be precise. But we are straying from the topic; this weekend Petillo wanted to go to the Toledo district. But broke as he always is, he resorted to his old tactic of begging on Facebook.

He is known to beg for phone credits, so when we saw his mendicant ways surface again on the social media, we were not surprised. And because we know that the PUP is somehow behind Petillo, either covertly or overtly, we were also not surprised when the PUP chairman of the Stann Creek West Constituency committee promptly replied to the beggar. Emilio Zabaneh was quickly able to align the PUP's agenda with that of Petillo and offered to help. Of course Zabaneh first had to ask his Dad for the loot to be able to finance Petillo.

We are not sure what all was covered in this little beggar's round but if you involve the PUP in your activities be damned well assured that it will not end with just them paying for a bus. They will definitely want more out of you.