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Thursday, 26 June 2014 00:00

Jason Joseph Williams, 34, has been convicted of keeping firearm and ammunition without a gun license and handling stolen goods. The charges stem from a search police conducted on Williams on December 24, 2012 near the Princess Hotel and Casino. Williams was with a young child when he was pulled over by officers of the Gang Suppression Unit. According to police report, Sgt. Irma Anderson searched Williams and when she felt what appeared to be a gun in his pants she called Cpl. Daniel Pasqual to search further. Pasqual found a black and chrome 9 mm pistol in Williams’ pants loaded with 14 live rounds. Williams was detained and the child’s mother was called in to take the child home.

Williams was charged with keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license. The gun, with serial number 317-05478, was traced to Orange Walk businessman, Walter Quinones, who reported his firearm stolen on February 13, 2012. Williams was charged additionally with handling stolen goods. Williams’ trial concluded on Friday, June 20, before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. Donelle Hawke prosecuted the case and called Cpl. Pasqual and Sgt. Anderson as witnesses for the crown. They gave an account of how the firearm was discovered and said that Williams claimed he had a license for the gun but it was at home. The officers claim that Williams later admitted he had no license and their investigation into the firearm proved that it was stolen from Walter Quinones.

Williams was unrepresented in court. In his defense, Williams claims that Cpl. Pasqual planted the gun on him simply because he was associating with the George Street Gang at the time. He claims that after the female officer searched him she ordered Pasqual to search his pants waist and that was when Pasqual planted the gun on him. In conclusion, Chief Magistrate Smith said, “The prosecution had proven all the charges before the court and that in no time during the cross-examination of the witnesses did Williams put it to them that they planted the gun on him.” The Chief Magistrate went on to say that she believes Williams fabricated the story under oath; calling it “a blatant Disney fabrication”.

Chief Magistrate Smith sentenced Williams to serve two 5-year jail terms for the firearm and ammunition offenses. She also sentenced him to a 6 months jail term for handling stolen goods but ordered that the three sentences run concurrently; therefore, Williams will only spend 5 years behind bars.