Alleged kidnapper of Mormons held in Melchor - was heading to Belize Print E-mail
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Thursday, 17 July 2014 00:00

The sub-station of the municipality of Melchor De Mencos, Petén, pursuant to an arrest warrant, has detained a suspected kidnapper in the district Fallabon in that jurisdiction. According to Guatemalan police agents, the capture was made when the alleged criminal had an intention to leave the Country with destination to Belize. The catch is the result of coordination between Interpol Guatemala, the task force against kidnappings and officials of the local police station in Melchor.

The detainee is 23 year old Magandy Magyver Arriaza Choc, alias "Picachu," who was held by the Court in the first instance due to drug trafficking and crimes against the environment in the Department of Izabal, on March 3 of this year and also for the crime of kidnapping.

The task force reported that Magandy Choc was part of a structure that has already been dismantled, which was dedicated to kidnapping Mormon missionaries in the northern area of Guatemala. Belize is also host to Mormon missionaries.