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Thursday, 17 July 2014 00:00

cardona.jpg - 112.14 KbMarcel Cardona fell off the political scene as quickly as he made his appearance but it seems that this one-time politician wants to make a resurgence. At least that is what it appeared like on Saturday when he held an impromptu demonstration at the Police Station in Orange Walk.

The problem with his demonstration is that it was not appreciated. Maybe in Cardona’s mind he must have thought he was doing something grand but in the minds of residents of Orange Walk, he was doing a disservice to a well respected diplomat, born and bred in that town.

While Cardona paraded like an idiot in front of the police station, it was a solemn and somber atmosphere everywhere else across the town. There must have been some effect of the Supermoon which was taking place on that very day that did not allow Cardona to process what was happening (it has long been proven that the moon’s size has a direct effect on people who have mental problems). People in Orange Walk take death very seriously and for him to have just broken the already injured spirits of Orangewalkenos was not appreciated. Calls from the people of Orange Walk proved this to be true.

They wondered out loud what it was that possessed Cardona to act in the manner in which he did. He claims he was asking for justice in relation to the death of well known and respected resident Ramon Cervantez Sr. but his entire enterprise was so ill timed that it was not funny at all. He could have done his demonstration any time and twice on Sundays but to pick a time when H.E. Alfredo Martinez was being laid to rest gives everyone time to pause and contemplate what state of mind this man really is in.

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