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Written by Edd P. Usher   
Thursday, 17 July 2014 00:00

“Sunnyside” – A tribute to “Sunny” Pitterson

By: Edd P Usher

A rainbow arose on the “Sunnyside” some 80 years ago
A brethren “Zebedee Pitterson” loaned to us, dwelt with us
a leader, a worker, a helper, a brother,
a master baker, a businessman, a gift.

But now, after only a while,
a short time, He is gone, he has left.
A vacuum remains, an emptiness abides, a vacancy exists.
The Southside mourns!

He wrote no books, no memoirs
But his dreams, his acts of kindness,
 and his ideas remains.
A dream of a better Belize for all of us
a dream of upliftment for the masses,
especially for those of his beloved – Southside

A man of faith, a believer in -
thoughts great and of actions greater,
of endless hope, of better times.
But Alas! He’s gone!

A dark cloud now blankets the Southside,
The “sunnyside”
Rest in peace “Sunny”!
Rest in peace!