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Thursday, 24 July 2014 00:00

Just a few months ago there was a riot on Facebook concerning the state of the streets in Orange Walk Town and particularly the state of the portion of the Phillip Goldson Highway that passes through that Municipality. On the ground, creative banners that possibly cost thousands of dollars to create, install and maintain could be seen in strategic locations along said route. Money they could have donated to the Orange Walk Town Council to put towards the fixing of one of those horrible streets. All and sundry in the PUP camp criticized the UDP area representatives, standard bearers and the UDP Central Government. The blame fell squarely on the UDP government for everything, including the streets within the Town of Orange Walk which invariably fall under the purview of the Town Council. Now, not all citizens that were complaining truly understand this. The local authority, being the town council, is responsible for everything that happens within the town. They must ensure that streets are fixed, drains are cleaned, garbage is picked up…etc., and that is why they collect taxes from the residents of the town. The taxes in return must be put to work for the people who pay them, but in Orange Walk Town it is anyone’s guess where the money goes. The streets in Orange Walk Town are truly UDP to the rescue of Incompetence in O.W.

in a deplorable state, but the ones to blame are the PUP Town Council not Central Government. The Highways which pass through these municipalities are the responsibility of the Central Government. As was said, a few months ago - a riot on Facebook and the cry was “Politicians please do your job and fix the streets in Orange Walk”. Well, what these noise makers didn’t know was that Government had already signed the contract for the paving of the entire stretch of Highway. Work by utility companies began promptly and the project started in earnest. Drains which will span the entire route are being constructed at this time. Work of this magnitude has never been seen in Orange Walk Town. The drains for the first phase which will extend from the Come and Go gas station to the traffic lights by the fire Station are halfway complete. The project which will see the paving of three miles of highway complete with drains, will be done in three phases of one mile each at a total cost of $7 Million, and will provide hundreds of jobs for at least a year.

 When driving through the portion of highway that is under construction one gets the sense that a renaissance is taking place. The enthusiasm and diligence of the workers reassures the citizens of Orange Walk and all Belizeans that this highway, when completed will be something we will all be proud of. They work under the scorching sun proud of the legacy that they know they are leaving behind, indelibly scripting their historic mark- block by block and with every careful stroke of their trowels. They work diligently, digging drains, mixing cement and yes Francis… breaking stones.The pride on the faces of these men and women while they labor with dignity is palpable. The impact of projects such as these puts contusions on the unemployment rate while at the same time beautifying our towns. It’s a welcome relief to everyone when you are able to drive on smooth roads, stop inhaling clouds of dust and not having to walk through muddy potholes.

The commitment that the Honorable Dean Barrow and the UDP Administration has shown to our beautiful Belize and its people is unrivaled to date. Never has the jewel seen so much development and improvements in infrastructure. Never have there been so many social programs designed to alleviate the financial burdens that so many Belizeans were forced to carry by the PUP politicians in the past. Never have so many children been able to attend high school and other institutions of higher learning with the assistance of government. There are so many good things going on all at once which gives us hope. With that I say to the Facebook rioters that the UDP Government is doing its part, the highway is being fixed. As to the streets in the town, well that is another story. We know that their ineptitude, which knows no boundaries, prevents Kevin Bernard and the PUP Town Council from being capable of trying to fix the streets. Their combined IQ cannot allow them to adequately process information on the fact that the streets are in a pathetic state. To the good people of Orange Walk we say there is hope just ahead on the horizon. The UDP is ready with a dynamic team led by the very capable Ms. Yvette Torres to take over the affairs of the town and rescue the Orange Walkeños from the abyss into which Kevin Bernard and the PUP has cast you.