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Written by By Lesvi V.   
Thursday, 24 July 2014 00:00

Writing is often times taken for granted. As humans we sometimes forget that it is very important and that we use it on a daily basis. Writing is something that is all around us. It exists in signs, books, brochures, newspaper and chats. Language is so diverse that every group of every kind communicates in distinctive ways. For example many words have different meanings to other people. What may mean one thing to us may mean the next to others. So why is it essential for people to write?

Most of the things that we learn from come from books, columns, brochures and many others. Writing provides readers with information. Whether this information is factual, an opinion or argument is very important. Each reader is different and may communicate differently. Readers are of different ages, cultures, religions and communities. Hence what the writer writes must be in a proper language in order to prevent bias, misinterpretations, or even false information from going across.  Since many people may read what is already written, the writer has to be precise with what he or she is trying to say. The writer can’t just assume that what he or she is writing about is factual to some extent because readers may believe it and thus carrying false information to others. In today’s world we find much false information in writings that are especially found around the web. People sometimes take their opinions as being true and end up writing it in Wikipedia or other websites for others to read. In order for the right information to be told or written to others, accuracy with words, statements and statistics being used is needed. In writing it is good making sure that the correct information is given to others.

Another reason why writing is powerful is that it allows readers to generate their own ideas or opinions towards what is written. Writings allow readers to think and generate ideas about what they are reading. Proper writing would generate the right ideas and opinions the writer wants a reader to think. Many times the aim of the writer is to persuade the reader to think in the same way and generate similar or related opinions. This is important because it allows the reader to think on a whole new level or to think about things they never thought before. It allows space for individuals to actually imagine and expand their thoughts. This is something powerful and good, but this can sometimes take the wrong route and cause problems if the wrong language is used. The writers aim may be to persuade readers to read more, but inaccurate information, unclear thoughts or wrong words may cause the reader to think differently and thus think that reading is boring and uninteresting. This happens to people who lack language skills, and whose ideas itself are unclear making other individuals ideas or opinions unclear and create a whole wrong opinion or problem. Writing allows readers to generate the right ideas and opinions based on what they have read.

Lastly, writing is powerful because it allows writers to defend or express their claims. It is good to have an open mind because sometimes other people’s opinion may be important to know. Writers usually write about arguments, opinions or suggestions to many things. It is essential that the writer knows about how to express his or her thoughts clearly to individuals and his or her own self. Proper writing skills would allow the writer to explain his or herself without difficulty thus capturing the reader’s attention. The best arguments are made of clear and precise evidence. For example, many people may say abortion is wrong yet provide little evidence thus not defending their opinion. If the writer wants the world to know why their argument is important, proper language in claims, words and expressions must be used.  Awareness of being respectful to others with arguments is something that makes writing powerful. Like the famous saying goes, “It’s not what you say, but it’s how you say it”. Once a writer knows how to establish this power in writing, the writer thoughts and opinions will flow naturally being aware of biases and self centered thinking thus being able to defend and express their claims in a correct language.

Many problems that arise in society happen because of lack of communication. Proper writing is necessary in order to prevent wrong information or opinions to go around the world. Thought and language create our world, and so to think critically about the world we must pay careful attention to words—the words we choose and the words others use. A single word, grammatical error, slangs, specialized terms or even wrong tone could bring across a different message to others that was not intended in writing. We communicate through writing in order to express thoughts, opinions, arguments, factual information, and many more. Writing allows writers to bring across their arguments, opinions and facts. Writing is powerful and only where there is writing there is a world.