Shoplifter Gets Six Years stealing $11 worth of Products Print E-mail
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Thursday, 24 July 2014 00:00

Flamboyant Street resident Sherwin Leslie, 55, will have six years to think about an Armor-All he stole from Uno Gas Station on Central American Boulevard.  Leslie appeared before Magistrate Hettie-Mae Stewart on Tuesday, July 22, and wasted no time in pleading guilty to a single charge of theft.

The incident occurred on Sunday, July 20. Leslie walked into the convenience store when the cashier was away from the desk and took an Armor-All. He hid it under his shirt and tried to walk out. Unfortunately for Leslie, PC August who was working at the gas station saw the play unfold. August approached Leslie, took away the item and restrained him until a police mobile arrived at the scene.

In Court, Leslie said he stole the item because he uses it to wash cars for a living. He begged the court for leniency saying that he has a sick mother who he cares for. Leslie has a number of convictions for crimes of dishonesty and magistrate Stewart sentenced him to six years imprisonment for the crime.  The item is priced at $11.