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Thursday, 31 July 2014 00:00

Police are trying to solve an aggravated burglary which happened during the weekend, which ended up in 2 fatalities and 2 other persons recovering from gunshots at the KHMH. At this time, police are puzzled as to why 2 armed robbers decided to shoot 4 unarmed business persons – 3 of them women – after they complied with all their demands.

It happened on Saturday, July 26, just before 5 a.m. 41 year-old Alida Ascencio, better known as “Miss Alida”, was preparing her chicken for the day’s tacos sales at her Mopan Street home. She was well-known to set up shop in front of the Atlantic Bank Freetown Branch. She was being assisted by 52 year-old Carlos Mayorga, 19 year-old Karina Avila, and 21 year-old Sejhan Avila.

That’s when 2 armed robbers entered their homes from the backdoor and held them up at gunpoint. The men demanded money, and Mayorga was the one who opened a locker in his bedroom and handed over $2,000 in cash. The men then ordered all 4 of the victims to kneel down, and in a bizarre twist of cruelty, one of the men shot all of them.

Mayorga suffered an injury in the neck and shoulder, and he died where he knelt. Karina Avila was injured in the left arm, and Sejhan Avila, and Alida Ascencio suffered injuries to the left chest and abdomen. Both robbers then fled the scene.

The 3 women were rushed to the KHMH, and after 2 days and a half of clinging to life in the Intensive Care Unit, “Miss Alida” died of internal injuries caused by the bullet. Her sister says that the doctors found major damage to one of her kidneys, her pancreas, liver, and intestines. It was too widespread, and the doctors did everything they could to save her life. She succumbed to that bullet injury to the abdomen on Tuesday, July 30, just before midday.

At this time, investigators have no suspects, and they’ve detained 3 men for questioning. They are asking for help from the public to solve this crime.