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Thursday, 31 July 2014 00:00

shary median and earl trapp.jpg - 132.37 KbOne of the United Democratic Party's largest town board election was held for a mayoral and councilor candidates in the upcoming municipal elections.

Some 3,012 voters came out to elect a promising set of councilors for the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council. With elections having been set for March 4, 2015, should this new set win against People’s United Party Contenders, their term of office will be from 2015 to 2017.

Elections started at 10 in the morning and polling was ended at 6. However it was not until an hour later that the last person had cast his ballot. Counting then commenced promptly thereafter and 4 and a half hours later the winners were declared.

Coming in the lead for future position as Mayor was Earl Trap who received 1,760 votes; running against Shary Medina who received 1,170 votes. The results from the elections in the Twin Towns brings a balanced slate of councilors for  San Ignacio and Santa Elena; Bernadette Fernandez, Nick Singh and David Morey coming from San Ignacio and Vanessa Neal, Michael Salazar and George Boiton coming from Santa Elena.

Earl Trapp has been working for the Twin Towns for the past 12 years. He says a sense of unity and focus is needed to continue moving forward and remarked that the current Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town, John August Junior, has already made a mark in the life of the Towns.

“Mr. John August Junior in my personal opinion has been one of the best Mayors and best administrator, he has been doing an excellent job and we intend to do just what he is doing plus something different,” says Earl Trapp.

The San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council members have done a number of community projects in partnerships with external funding sources like the World Bank. A document has already been written out for the Municipality for infrastructural development under the Municipal Development Project.

“That is why it is important to come in and vote a UDP Town Council, because that will ensure continuity, especially as a member in the council, I know exactly what we have planned and we want to focus on the continuation of those plans,”  added Earl Trapp.

Earl Trapp already has planned what he will do if he is elected Mayor in March of next year. He says that the Council will, among other things, fully sponsor the ‘Mundialito Tournament,’ a special tournament that was vibrant a few years ago and which had brought up several youths into successful adulthood.

“Sports develops you mentally, physically and I would say it disciplines you, so it is important that we do that, because if we mold our children from small, you know through sports, we ensure that the discipline will grow up and they will grow up to be someone in life…the Council will put a big part into it,” he said.

For her part, in a written statement posted on her facebook page, High School teacher and Councilor Shary Medina writes,
“I personally would like to thank all those people who honestly and sincerely supported Shary Medina for the convention…Let’s keep working for progress. Love always, Sharry Medina.”

For the councilor positions, topping the polls once again was Bernadette Fernandez with 1,611 votes she was followed by Vanessa Neal with 1,342. George Boiton received 1,258 votes; Nick Singh, 1,078; Michael Salazar 1,071; David Morey, 1043; Moses Chuc, 895; Malta Garcia, 861; Iliana Moreno, 842; Eduardo Cano, 806; Earl Aragon, 801; Charles Cabral, 778; Jose Lemus, 742; Ray Thompson 601; Marco Coyoc, 486; Carlos Garcia, 394; there were 133 rejected ballots  Reject - 133.

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