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Thursday, 31 July 2014 00:00

Somebody needs to tell the People’s United Party that the horse that they are flogging is dead. That horse, the Penner passport issue, has been dead from even before they started to beat it. The Prime Minister had done everything that could have been possibly done to reprimand Elvin Penner for his actions. He was stripped of his ministerial portfolio and later of his ability to represent the United Democratic Party in the Cayo North East constituency. And while by all appearances Penner was guilty of some form of wrongdoing, the Prime Minister and other attorneys pointed out that there was little that could be done to criminally sanction Penner for his actions.

Being devoid of any other issue for them to hold on to, the PUP decided to hold on to Penner as their one and only straw. They latched on to an idea suggested by the Prime Minister himself and so began their private prosecution. At every opportunity they had, they pranced about and made appearances on any media outlet that would have them. This was all in an effort to keep attention on the Penner issue going. If we are to trace back, this is the only issue they have, their only straw, their dead horse!

Everyone keeps telling them that they have nothing but like the proverbial mule that is taken to the water, it cannot be forced to drink! By his own public admission, no other than Francis Fonseca has categorically said that they have nothing but that somehow they have a responsibility to keep the issue alive. Well no matter how much pontificating appearances Brackett, Kareem Musa and even Fonseca himself make, they will not be able to breath life back to an issue that was already dead.

You see, unlike their tenure in office, this issue is the single issue of wrong doing that has surfaced. To contrast this UDP’s administration with the PUP’s we can clearly see that they are leaps and bounds ahead of the UDP when it comes to running a corrupt administration. The scandals of stealing from the public purse to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars; the pillaging at the Ministry of Natural resources; the secret agreements that deprived Belizeans of millions in tax revenue and the overall collapsing of the entire country is the signature of the People’s United Party. It is by no means what the UDP is about, we will never be about that. So to them we say keep on flogging that horse because that is all you have.