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Thursday, 31 July 2014 00:00

On the 2nd February, 2014 an explosion was heard in Orange Walk East and after the dust settled a bright star emerged. Elodio Aragon was elected in a convention to be the Standard Bearer for the United Democratic Party, to contest the General Elections in 2017. Now, just some brief facts about Mr. Elodio Aragon Jr. He is the son of past UDP minister of Education Elodio Argon Sr. He joined the Police Department in 1997, after earning his Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Florida. As a Cadet Officer Mr. Aragon was very energetic and innovative and was fast recognized as a leader. He rose through the ranks quickly. He eventually found himself at Leicester University in the UK where he obtained his Master’s Degree in Criminology. This was added to his long repertoire of academic achievements even as he continued to develop his leadership skill within the Police Department. Mr. Aragon was the officer commanding Eastern Division and under his watch the successful Precinct Policing concept was implemented. In 2013 Elodio Aragon Jr. at 38 years of age became the youngest Deputy Commissioner of Police in the history of the Department. He was responsible for many policy implementations within the department tailored to steer the Police Department in a modern era to cope with the demands of a changing populace. The American Author Jack Welch sagely stated once,“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

 Well, that is exactly what Elodio Aragon Jr. is all about.He has successfully developed himself and now his mission is to help others grow…the true mark of a leader. A man who lives his life in service of others and whose commitment to the development of our nation is real, Elodio has now redirected his energies where he will make an impact. As a lifetime resident of the Orange Walk East constituency Aragon has this to say, “When my father was the Area Representative in Orange Walk East people had a sense of purpose-of belonging, that was the case when the area was represented by any UDP representative. Now we don’t have any kind of representation. It is for this reason that I have chosen to represent this area and its people who are so dear to me.”

And that is what he has been doing for quite some time now. As early as December 2013, Elodio started working feverishly to alleviate the problems encountered by the residents of Orange Walk East. After the torrential rains of last year and when many of the streets were left impassable, Elodio sprang into action and immediately brought relief to the people of Carmelita, Santa Martha, Nuevo Palmar, Chan Pine Ridge and Louisiana Area. People who made a living from the sand pit were especially affected and with no assistance from the non-existent PUP area representative, were more than grateful when Elodio pooled resources together and repaired the sand pit access road. He also worked on several dilapidated streets in and around the constituency including farmers’ access roads in Santa Marta and Chan Pine Ridge.

This tireless champion has worked on several projects including a much needed set of bleachers for the Louisiana Football field at a cost of over 50 thousand dollars, money that he raised through his very own resourcefulness.  He is also very instrumental and involved in the upgrading and “hotmixing” of the Chan Pine Ridge Airstrip. Elodio can also be seen on any given day on the Phillip Goldson Highway ensuring that the work that is being carried out by this UDP government is of the highest standard. The most admirable thing about Elodio is that he is not even an elected area representative but in the short space of time that he has been Standard Bearer, he has done so much more than Marco “Fool You” Mendez who has been elected to represent since 2012. The mettle displayed by Elodio is a testament to the quality of the candidates that the UDP is able to attract. Can you say previews of coming attractions? Imagine Elodio as THE elected Area Representative for Orange Walk East. The possibilities are endless with a man with vision and energy such as his. The people of Orange Walk East have finally gotten someone to truly represent them and not neglect them as that other guy has done for the past two and a half years.The future is bright for Orange Walk East and the rest of the country with successful leaders like Elodio Aragon Jr.