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Written by By: Mirna G   
Thursday, 31 July 2014 00:00

Beware of Bullies!

Bullying is a stage that almost every kid experiences in their childhood.  Sometimes even adults get bullied at their work place.  Many individuals are able to overcome this horrifying experience, but others drown in their fear and never come out of the dark abyss.  This horrifying experience can change if we find our own courage.  Everyone has courage deep within their hearts, but we have to find it, and use it to right the wrong.  Since this was said, we all have the courage to stop bullying by speaking up.

When I was going to primary school, I was bullied by a group of girls who were in my classroom because I was the new kid who was shy, quiet, short, and quite chubby, and also I had a fear of needles.  The ring leader of the group would bring needles and they would start chasing the other younger students around the school with needles and if they caught up with their victims, they would point the needles in the victim’s eyes or take their hands and do these stabbing motions until they got whatever they wanted from the young victims namely their money or home-work, then they would threaten their victims about what they would do if the victims “snitched” on them.  The students were so afraid that they would just do what the girls told them to do.  I was one of the victims.  I was so afraid of needles.  I would run away from them as fast as I could, but they were more than one and in the end they cornered me, and took away whatever objects I possessed namely my Hello Kitty wallet, these cute expensive pencils and pens that my dad bought me, and my Crayola crayons.  Unfortunately, fear always won; I did not know what to do when I was caught up in these horrifying experiences; I was so afraid of these long, pointy needles.  These events occurred during lunch breaks since there were no teachers around or they were upstairs in the cafeteria having their lunch. 

One day a group of students from high school came to talk about bullying.  They showed us a documentary that informed us about the causes, effects, how to confront these situations, and it recounted various life stories of students who were bullied, and I was able to relate to the experiences that they went through. The part that I was able to relate to the most was when the students did not want to go to school, instead they dropped out because they were scared.  I was very afraid of going to school when I was bullied by the group of girls.  I was always faking that I was sick so that my parents would let me stay home.  I cried bitterly when they forced me to go to school, and when they asked what was the problem I told them nothing was wrong.  I did not pay attention in class because I knew that when the bell rang the group of girls was waiting outside prepared to bully any weakling that appeared in sight like a hawk flying at full speed to grasp its prey.  As I finished watching the documentary, I felt as if finally I could relate my experience with the experiences that the students went through.  After the whole presentation was finished, I felt different.  I was still afraid, but not like before. That night, I realized that silencing myself and letting fear take control of me was not going to make this situation any better, and this documentary showed me that speaking up was the right thing to do. 

It was four days later after the students who spoke about bullying came; I finished doing my duties and left the classroom.  I heard the sound of footsteps following me while I was coming down the stairs.  I quickly walked down the stairs and towards the gate.  The sound of footsteps was getting closer, and then stopped for a while until I felt someone’s grip on my shoulder.  It was the head of the group of girls, and she took me by a corner, and asked me for my money.  Luckily, a teacher was passing by. The bully quickly let go of me, and I took this opportunity to speak up and the teacher took her to the principal’s office.  The ring leader was suspended.  A week later, the group of girls sat beside me in cooking class, and they apologized, and we started to talk.  Furthermore, the head of the group came weeks after and apologized to me and she walked away, but I never saw her again. 

Many students are afraid to speak-up, and are constantly being bullied.  Bullies need discipline, and this cycle of bullying has to be stopped!  If we continue to silence ourselves, and let the bully do what they want then we are not helping! We all must try our best to stop this phenomenon by using our courage to speak up.