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Thursday, 07 August 2014 00:00

Andrew Talbert, 22, was busted with a 9mm Glock pistol on Sunday, January 6, 2013. According to reports, police were conducting patrols near Dean and Plues Street when an officer saw Talbert ran behind a yard on Plues Street. The officer says he saw Talbert throw an object over a fence. Talbert was tracked down, taken back to the location where the object was thrown and a 9 mm glock pistol with one live round was found.

In court on Monday, August 4, Talbert was found guilty of kept firearm and ammunition without being granted a gun license. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith sentenced him to five years imprisonment for each offense but ruled that they run concurrently. Therefore, Talber will spend a maximum of five years for the convictions. He was represented by attorney Anthony Sylvester who told the press that he will be appealing the conviction because he feels his client was not given a fair trial. When the court visited the site, the description given by the officer who says he saw Talbert throw the gun did not match. The officer later clarified that he saw Talbert run from an area and when he chased behind it was then that he saw him throwing the gun.  

Sylvester says that since in her ruling the Chief Magistrate noted the discrepancies in the prosecution’s case, those discrepancies should have been a factor to take into consideration in determining the guilt of his client. Andrew Talbert has been convicted before on a firearm offense. He has appealed that conviction and was out on bail when this other charge was filed.

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