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Thursday, 07 August 2014 00:00

Corruption, corruption, corruption…this is the chorus of a song that the PUP’s are now singing. Well the rhetoric continues with these presumptuous and pompous ‘donkeys’ (not allowed to use the colloquial term for donkey). Every good thing that this government does is hailed as corruption; Government fixes the streets-corruption, Government creates jobs-corruption, Government assists the less fortunate-corruption, Government gives educational assistance-corruption…you get the picture. Now obviously the word corruption must have changed meaning. Corruption is now defined in THE MODERN PUP DICTIONARY of Idiocy Revised Edition, as:

(1) Verb, an act by a government which seeks to empower its people using the taxes it collects in a financially prudent manner.

(2) Verb, another act by government which ensures that there is accountability in every aspect of governance.

Root: from the creole word “Kerr Up” which means uplifting the standard of living of the general populace using the limited resources left behind by the PUP.

The real meaning of corruption however, the one generally accepted by everyone is……“The use of powers by government officials for illegitimate private gain, an illegal act by an officeholder”.

During its second term in office the stench of corruption in the Musa administration was so scandalous that seven ministers ran out onto the streets gasping for fresh air barely clinging to life after a serious overdose of corruption was administered by the PUP, specifically Said Musa and Ralph Fonseca. Even those who had been somewhat immunized with corruption, having been practicing it for some time, could not bear any longer. An ultimatum was given to the then Prime Minister Said Musa, who was the minister, with responsibility of the Ministry of Corruption. Several of them suffering from a serious case of Oedipus complex, refusing to share their mother’s breast of corruption with Papa Ralph reiterated their position.  It’s either us or Ralph…you decide. The answer was definite and deafening “Nothing or No One will affect the Love that I have for the Honorable Ralph Fonseca”.  And so the aggrieved group walked out on their leader in protest of what they said was blatant corruption within government at the time. Now it is engraved in the annals of our Belizean History that that action is what caused the Musa Administration to collapse after the corruption reached unbearable levels. People took to the streets, Unions demonstrated, and collectively everyone rebelled against a corrupt government and eventually voted them out.

It is ironic that this same PUP is now crying out corruption when they are the ones who thrived on the proceeds of corruption. Who can forget the wholesale sale of Belizean Passports by the PUP? How can we forget the Accommodation Agreement? How can we forget the Millions of dollars that were gifted to the people of Belize by Venezuela which were later diverted to pay a private debt? How can we forget the Millions in taxes written off for friend Ascroft? How can we forget the giving away of our Utilities, our Port and Airport? How can we forget the creaming of the Social Security Funds and the bankrupting of the DFC? How can we forget the giving away of $30Million to the Novelos on one day? And how can we forget that millstone, known as the Superbond, around the necks of the Belizean people; yet there is nothing to show for it? There is so much more and to write about it would require several editions of this newspaper to enumerate them. The message here is to those ‘donkeys’ carelessly and ignorantly braying’ the word Corruption, please take some time out to look up the meaning of the word and then go back to the archives and check the amount of corruption that was practiced by the PUP. This United Democratic Party and its Leader, Hon. Dean Barrow, have shown that corruption or even the whiff of corruption will be dealt with swiftly and in the most appropriate manner. It will not be condoned.