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Thursday, 07 August 2014 00:00

Students from the Natural Resources Management Program (NRMP) at the University of Belize Central Campus in Belmopan were witnesses of the inaugural flight of a Parrot 2.0 Drone at about 10:00 am on Wednesday of last week. The Quadricopter is product of an initial collaboration between the University of Belize and Georgia State University and will now be useful in the remote sensing of geophysical, biological and other data.

Interim Dean for the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Dr. Pio Saqui says that the new equipment will present a new dimension of learning for students and amplify faculty members’ capabilities to do research for stakeholders in conservation, environmental management and other social services. Chair for the Science Department Cecy Castillo has also reacted positively to the drone by expressing that the use of the drone technology will enhance Geographic Information System course offered and will enable the University of Belize to expand on its research capabilities.

A Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 has two built-in cameras and relies on an Android or iOS device connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot the drone generates. The mobile application handles all recording and storage, so any video or photos taken by the drone are automatically added to the base operating Smartphone or tablet.

While drones have been used by the U.S Pentagon in large numbers in their operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, increasingly private operations like Amazon would like to deliver future packages via drones; if they would just get the clearance by aviation authorities. Security personnel and scientific laboratories around the Globe are now looking towards drones as an opportunity to enhance their operations. Hollywood has now adopted advanced drones to take high resolution moving images from unique vantage points of a set that traditional movie cameras are unable to take.