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Thursday, 07 August 2014 00:00

7 News aired a clip on the dreadful life experience of residents of the Pickstock Jungle apartments which ironically resides in the Fort George electoral division. While the situation is sad, and they are looking for handouts, it is unfortunate that they did not line up and bring political heat on their area representative Said Musa. Mr. Musa is responsible for that eye sore. While the apartments are free, he did not even consider running water lines to the units. Instead he gave them a community stand pipe. While he and his colleagues were busy lavishing on proceeds from Taiwan and Venezuela, this architect of the Super Bond gave his constituents a stand pipe.

Said has been the representative for that area for almost forty years. Some of those apartments have been through three generations. Under Said's leadership we have seen five year olds receiving scholarship to UB, thirty million to Novelo's, Yen swap causing a ten million dollar loss, eighty eight million give away to an Ashcroft company, over twenty million given to Universal Health Service. To his constituents, he gave a stand pipe.

That being said however, the residents need to take responsibility for their living conditions. The basic responsibility to maintain their environment in a healthy and clean atmosphere is theirs. No politician is responsible for the filth that exists in that apartment structure. No politician is responsible for their living conditions and the fact that ten persons are living in one apartment. Those are the personal choices of individuals. These residents need to have self esteem and stop this system of political dependency. The excuse of being a single mother and having no jobs is lame and is no reason for any government to treat them any different from any other citizen. Most residents of this city have to pay for water and rent. They get water and rent free.

The clip claims that kids are not going to school. This is sad because the UDP government has put in place programs to fight this social ill. It is sad that these mothers have not sought to take advantage of the BOOST and the food subsidy program. Is it because they want someone to bring it to them, instead of them taking the initiative to try and help themselves? How can one in all fairness receive a house free of cost and not want to be responsible for its upkeep? It is like GOB giving them free house and they also expect GOB to fix and repair the free house too.
This is the fruit of the PUP dependency syndrome.