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Written by By: Lesvi.V   
Thursday, 07 August 2014 00:00


Are you the typical person who finds him self doing things last minute or hesitating at doing a task. Do you put off doing things that would bring you closer to your desired goals? I know you do, but why are we so foolish? With all the important things we have; we somehow convince ourselves that none of these things need to be done right now. In other words we decide that some peace and relaxation in the short term is what is important. So we take another break, read another post on facebook, watch another TV show and just kick back and relax. And life is blissful for a little while. But then, suddenly the inevitable deadline has arrived. It’s panic time! This is what is known as procrastination. Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. As human beings we have a tendency of doing things last minute.  There are many causes to this and also, many methods to counteract these causes.

The first common cause of procrastination is rebellion and laziness. We resent the task in front of us. We feel imposed upon. “I have to do this!!” We think to ourselves: “but, I don’t have to do it now”. Many times as teenagers we get caught up in doing last minute homework. We could have had a whole month for a project but we decide to do it the very last day from when it is due. Rebellion is about control. We assert our control by choosing whether or whether not to do the task. So whenever you feel rebellious about something, think of a way to reward yourself for getting a task done and constantly remind yourself about the consequences if you don’t do the work.  

Another cause of procrastination would be the lack of motivation. Many people don’t directly see the benefits of completing a task because they don’t see it as important. We must find a way to get motivated in order to get the task done. What I do to motivate me in cleaning the house is to play music. I find that singing or dancing helps me get the task done. People don’t see tasks as emotionally important in the moment , but they are. You must find a way to make it important. We all have different ways of approaching tasks. If you are the frequent music listener you could try using music to get your work done.

Finally, another cause of procrastination is the lack of focus and fatigue. Distractions are everywhere; you must learn to ignore them. If you know that company or noise distracts you from doing your work then avoid it. Find a place you are comfortable with in focusing and do it there. Try secluding yourself. Turn off your cell phone, only check your email at set time intervals and only take breaks when you have completed sub-tasks. Fatigue is known as extreme tiredness, typically resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness. Many times we procrastinate because we are tired. But we can tackle that by relaxing for a while then doing the work. Try taking a shower, eating and then do your work.

Overcoming procrastination is difficult but will make you much more successful than continuing with this habit of failure. By taking the time and initiative to understand your own reasons for procrastination and by devoting a little energy to take the necessary steps to move forward, you can beat procrastination. We all can! It just takes methods and ways of approaching. Don’t sit back, get up and do it. Think of all the horrible things that could happen if you don’t do the work; that should push you in achieving it. Motivate yourself and make sure you overcome procrastination.