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Thursday, 14 August 2014 00:00

Arthur Saldivar, the PUP Standard Bearer and caretaker of Belize Rural North Constituency, is very well known for his very flamboyant theatrics, but he continues to face very serious allegations, which if proven true, are criminal in nature. The first is that his client is accusing him of making off with nearly a million dollars of her money, and the other is an American couple who says that he acted in a thuggish manner when he kicked them out of their house.

Saldivar has been the attorney on record for Melonie and Michael Coye for over 4 years as they battled the money laundering criminal charges brought against them by the Financial Intelligence Unit, which was led by the director, Marilyn Williams. They were accused of participating in a lucrative scheme in which the FIU accused them of holding on to 1.557 million dollars which was confiscated from their home on Johnston Street on December 31, 2008.

They were convicted in the Supreme Court before the Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin, but the Appeal Court overturned that conviction, and so their records were expunged. The Court of Appeal also ordered that the 1.557 million dollars be returned to the Coyes. Saldivar had been their attorney all through that ordeal, and then they had to fight against a freezing order which blocked them from accessing their bank accounts. Then, the Panamanian company, Internet Experts SA, brought a private claim against them, and tried to keep their money, an estimated 6.5 million dollars, on ice. Again, Saldivar defended them against that attempt, and finally, the Supreme Court lifted that freezing order a few months ago.

Saldivar, has been with the family, all through the toughest times of the ordeal, even when the patriarch, Michael Coye, passed away. He has been with them through the entire struggle, and now, Melonie Coye is accusing Saldivar of taking $904,790 of her money. If this allegation proves true, it would suggest that Saldivar has behaved in a cold and heartless manner. For a professional who has seen this family at its lowest, to now try and withhold what is rightfully theirs, it seems unconscionable.

That’s exactly what Melonie Coye instructed her new attorney, Eamon Courtenay to put in writing. Courtenay wrote a letter to Saldivar stating for the record that on Thursday June 12, 2014, Coye and Saldivar went to the FIU’s office at the Central Bank compound. They were there to collect the money the Appeal Court ordered the state to hand over back to the family. The letter goes on to say that after hours of counting Saldivar left the compound with that 9 hundred and four thousand dollars in a suit case, and he has refused to return the money to her. By our inquiries, there is surveillance footage which proves this to be true.

Coye’s letter gave him until August 1 to return the money, and all indications are that he hasn’t done so. Coye has filed a case against Saldivar to have the court force him to hand over the money he allegedly took.

On the heels of that allegation is another coming from an American Couple who says that Saldivar basically broke into their home like a burglar, illegally occupied their house, and forced them out like a common thug on the street.

Don Blunt has sworn to an affidavit in court that by the ruling of the Supreme Court, he sold his Placencia house to another American Couple, Glen Levy and his wife, Nancy. The Levy couple delivered the payment for the house of 1.3 million dollars Belize. The court gave them until July 26, to get their personal property out. Saldivar and his clients tried to force them out as early as July 19, 7 days before the court ordered date of mandatory vacation of the premises.

The couple flew in from the US to defend their house in person because Saldivar and his companions, some of which were police officers stormed the house along with their clients and started moving the Blunt couple’s personal belongings. He allegedly even had his posse break one of the locks of the house, which allowed him to gain entry, very much like a common thief.

In trying to settle the matter, allegations are that Saldivar got involved himself and invaded the American couple’s house. Even though the couple tried to get the police to intervene on their behalf, Saldivar managed to ward them off. He allegedly entered their home, slept there, used their bathroom, smoked cigars in their house, propped his feet up, turned on their television, and used all of their house’s amenities as though it were his own.

Don Blunt’s wife, Vanessa, was terrorized by the experience and Don Blunt swears in his affidavit that she cried for hours while trying to cope with the rude and disrespectful attitude Saldivar allegedly exhibited. They also allege that during the time that Saldivar and his body guard occupied the house, a few of their personal belongings went missing.

They left the house on Thursday, July 24, 2 days earlier than the court order was supposed to have taken effect. The couple has stated for the record that their experience with Saldivar has left them to question the integrity the police department and the Justice System.