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Thursday, 14 August 2014 00:00

Mayor of Belize City, Darrell Bradley along with Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Benjamin Ho, officially unveiled the plans to renovate the commercial center building in downtown Belize City and convert it to the Belize City Council’s City Hall.

Work will commence immediately on the transformation which according to Mayor Bradley will cost the council some 2 million dollars. He stated that the entire plan is part of the downtown redevelopment project which last year invested 400,000 dollars in the renovation of the Battlefield Park and the Mule Park and is part of the greater master plan to develop assets in downtown Belize City. “The Commercial Center has been a blight on the eye of the municipality and has been deteriorating, going into ruin and decay,” stated the mayor. The renovation will see the lower flat accommodate the 13 current tenants who will be guaranteed spaces which will at times be bigger and more appealing than they currently are. The second and third floor of the structure will then be used to accommodate the city hall offices. The existing building on North Front Street will keep some of its functions and will also be redesigned to be a museum focusing on the history of Belize City. Other features of the building will include seating areas around the building as well as possibly a boardwalk alongside the river behind the building. Bradley added that the elevator will also be repaired and the bathroom, electrical and plumbing installations will be retrofitted.

The project is anticipated to run for some 8 months and funding for it will come from three sources. A portion of the expense will be taken care of by the House of Culture and Downtown Urban redevelopment project. Another portion of the financing will come from a loan from the Heritage Bank and 300 thousand dollars for finishing works will be financed from the City Council’s cash flow. This will be made possible through the termination of the BML contract and the paying off of the first tranche of the municipal bond which comes to an end in November of this year.