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Thursday, 14 August 2014 00:00

The former director of finance of the SATIIM, David Duncan, is a free man after appearing in the Punta Gorda magistrate’s court to answer to 9 counts of theft. Duncan was set free after the case was dismissed by the presiding magistrate. The matter was dismissed because Duncan’s attorney argued that the statute of limitation had expired and the magistrate agreed. 

On March 4th of this year Duncan was taken to Magistrate’s court in Punta Gorda where he was formally arraigned on 9 counts of theft. The charges came after directives from the DPP’s office came to charge him after he was connected to 9 checks which amounted to over 100 thousand dollars of SATIIM’s money. He was granted bail of 10 thousand dollars and the matter was adjourned.  

Charges had been slow in coming since it was 10 months earlier that SATIIM’s Greg Choq reported that over 250 thousand dollars could not be accounted for from the organization’s coffers. Duncan was the only person who had been held responsible for less than half of that amount.