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Thursday, 14 August 2014 00:00

Belmopan. August 12, 2014.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture takes this opportunity to inform the general public of the following:In January 2008, just prior to the February 2008 elections, 120 lots were issued as part of a programme implemented by the Government at that time. An investigation revealed that a private surveyor was contracted; and while surveys were conducted, the survey plans were not submitted to the Lands and Surveys Department for authentication and registration by the private land surveyor.

Consequently, the opening of the corresponding lease accounts issued could not be processed since they were issued based on a proposed subdivision plan. The Land Information System only allows for the opening of accounts and recording of leases for lands legally demarcated and boundaries officially represented on authenticated survey maps.

The matter has been presented to the Honourable Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture. In order to rectify and regularize the survey and consequently the lease hold interests, the Honourable Minister will seek Cabinet’s approval for funding to cover the cost for re-surveying, preparing, and authenticating the survey plans for the lands in the Silk Grass area.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture extends its appreciation to the general public for their cooperation and understanding in this matter as we continue to improve the land management process to the public.