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Thursday, 14 August 2014 00:00

The San Ignacio Police Formation has held a successful interface with members of the public. A meeting by San Ignacio Police, which brought together the human resources from various security related groups, was held with the public last Wednesday night at the Cayo Welcome Center in San Ignacio Town to further affirm an anti-crime agenda.

Officer in Charge of San Ignacio Police Dinsdale Thompson spoke eloquently about how great levels of community participation can “stamp out” crime. While crime incidences are much reduced in the San Ignacio and Santa Elena area, there was a recent incident of burglary on the business section of Burns Avenue in downtown San Ignacio; where drug pushers are also known to be visiting.

“We need the eyes, we need the hands, we need the heart of the community...if you want to see a community that is vibrant, the church must participate,” said Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson.

Julian Sherrard from the People’s Coalition of Cayo PCC also spoke last Wednesday night. He said that the PCC was formed some eight years ago to advise the police and reminded that the grouping meets on the second Wednesday of every month at the San Ignacio Police Station. Through the recent efforts of the PCC, closed circuit cameras have been installed in San Ignacio Police vehicles to capture operations while the Police are on the move. Deputy Commissioner of Police Aaron Guzman, who is also in charge of the Western police sector admitted last week, that the newly installed CCTVs’ have helped the police “tremendously.”

Ernie Braun, Chairman of the Cayo Neighborhood Watch Association (CNWA) also took his turn in speaking to the Cayo audience. He warned that as residents we always must be “…alert, be aware of our surroundings…if you see anything strange or suspicious, call the police.”

Deputy Commanding Officer of the San Igancio Police Formation Reymundo Reyes said that when he arrived in San Ignacio in August of 2008, there were an average of eight home invasions per month. He reported that crime has now been reduced by 30%, thanks to the assistance from the community. He urged residents to be in support of the recently initiated Citizens on Patrol Program COP.

The number of police officers assigned to any district can make a difference in reducing the frequency of criminal activity in that area. According to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Aaron Guzman, a year ago there were some 12 murders in the Belmopan area, but since the number of police officers have been boosted in Roaring Creek and other areas “…we are on the seventh month [for this year] and we have none.” He also told residents at the Cayo Welcome Center last Wednesday night that there is a commitment from Police Commissioner Allen Whylie’s desk to add six more police officers for San Ignacio.

While Santa Elena Town is the only Town in the Country without a police station, efforts are now being made to re-open the police booth in Red Creek, at the outskirts of Santa Elena, where a police officer will be stationed.