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Thursday, 14 August 2014 00:00

jawmeighan.jpg - 203.38 KbElite Cyclist and two time Cross Country winner, Ernest “Jawmeighan” Meighan was murdered in front of his girlfriend’s house on Saturday, August 9, 2014. The aftermath of his death is that 7 children are now fatherless, and the nation has lost one of the greatest cyclists to ever enter the sport.

The 42 year-old “Jawmeighan” was on George Street at around 10 a.m. He had gone to visit his kids and to pick up fresh laundry. He had intentions to go and buy a 5-gallon bottle of water. He was just exiting the gate, trying to lock it behind him, when a gunman, described as being very young and inexperienced, came up behind him, and shot him in the back of his head. His family heard the commotion, and came quickly to his aid. Neighbours helped them rush him to the KHMH in his vehicle, but the severity of his injury claimed his life before they could arrive.

There are many theories as to why he was attacked in what appears to a gang-type execution, but his family and friends all agree that he stayed very far away from the street life. The speculation is that his death may be connected somehow to the murders of Chryslin Gladden or Raheem Crawford, which happened a few hours before Meighan was gunned down. There is also the possibility that it could be the result of his familial connection, which allegedly his brother, 37 year-old Ellis Meighan Sr., was targeted and murdered in September 2009.

Those who have followed his cycling career say that he displayed natural talent from a very young age. He was known for his control and balance on the bike, being able to effortlessly perform stunts on the BMX bikes. His mentors started him on racing bikes when he approached them asking for an opportunity to try the sport out.

As his experience grew, so did his level of competitive performances. He was known first as a sprinter, but as he trained, he started making waves in the middle distance races, which are under 100 miles. His first big victory for the Garland came in 1997, since that moment, all the cyclists, and indeed the nation started looking closely at his performances.  He made a repeat performance in 2001 under the banner of Team Santinos, manage by Minister of State, Santiago Castillo Jr.

“Jawmeighan” has won every single race in Belize, and he was still riding competitively all the way up to the time of his death. Even past his prime, he was still considered a threat to other younger cyclists, being able to perform and excel at all the different aspects of the sport, being what is considered “the complete package”. His peers say that he was a humble athlete who was willing to impart his knowledge and experience to any cyclist who asked him for advice.

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