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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 14 August 2014 00:00

The Mayor of Orange Walk Town gave us something to chuckle about last week when he snatched the nearest TV microphone around and started to yap emotionally into it. As usual, he was full of lamentation, and as is his habit, he tried to forge his whining into righteous indignation.

The Mayor’s gripe was that he was not consulted when Central Government decided to rehabilitate the section of the Phillip Goldson Highway which passes through our town. This road is presently being paved starting from the “Come and Go” Gas Station to the Northern Regional Hospital, complete with proper drainage and all.

Now, when this very stretch of the highway was in dire conditions, this same Mayor was all over the airwaves angrily pointing fingers at Government that this road was their charge, and even installed all manner of flashy billboards to that effect. Little did he know that his tactics would immediately backfire on him.

This Government has started to walk the walk, and quite spiritedly too, while the OW Mayor is spreading white marl over our streets. So who should consult who in getting the job done? Look here man, chill yourself.

The truth is, I have in the past month or so been to four of our six districts and personally seen what is happening in Belize today. As soon as you enter our country you will see massive infrastructural projects taking place, starting at the Santa Elena Border.

Then as you approach Corozal Town you see significant construction works being done there too; equally so for Orange Walk, Belize City, Belmopan and Cayo. This is what I have witnessed with my own eyes, and I have heard that the Stann Creek and Punta Gorda districts are getting the same treatment. No one can deny the huge capital investments that this UDP Government is advancing all over our country, from border to border.

With all that is happening, on what platform can the PUP launch the next elections? Will they say that they will give SATIIM what they are demanding? Will they pledge to quash the eighth amendment and give back BTL and BEL to the former owners? Will they allow BIGEA to plant corn on the road reserve? Will they tell the Churches that they will allow UNIBAM to succeed in having our laws amended? Will squatters be given rights to squat on private property?

The only negative that they can exploit is the crime situation, which, truly, is very disheartening. But can the PUP offer a solution? Has the PUP ever been a solution to any of Belize’s challenges? Remember, Arthur was hoping to be a Minister, and look how he is already acting with other people’s money; people who trusted him.

I think that many of you will have several other issues to put to the PUP on matters of national policy, none of which they have openly discussed, or suggested resolution to. All that the PUP is able to do, from top to bottom, is criticize with impunity. That is so easy a job to do; especially if one feels that the pendulum is now hovering to swing in one’s favour. We will wait and see how that swing goes, dear readers, starting on March 4, 2015.