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Written by By Lesvi V.   
Thursday, 14 August 2014 15:27

Love is a powerful emotion that exists among individuals. Part of being a teenager is going through the phase of romanticism. It’s that part of getting to know people and hopefully finding that life time partner.  It all starts with that breathtaking moment of feeling attracted towards that individual. It could be the way they talk, walk, smile, and how they treat others that captivates your attention. Then communication comes along where you get to know each other more. Then the first date,  where your heart beats so fast you can feel it popping out of your chest or your first kiss, where you feel the world has come to a hault. So how is it that a breathtaking moment could end up being chaos? Well, for some individuals romantic relationships are of great importance in their lives. It is a part of achievement that may be life changing. Failed relationships happen and its all about working to master the skill to make the relationship flourish.  Some relationships can be fixed but they require teamwork. There are so many ways to approaching issues in a relationship and preventing issues from happening.

Many teenagers have the mentality that a relationship is like fairytales when in reality it’s about the happy moment’s as well as sad moments. We all have that day where we wake up wanting to set the world on fire or the day where we wake up wanting to smile with everything and everyone around us. Every relationship will have those up and down moments but it’s all about working with each other. If there is a problem, then talking with each other about the situation may help. Say exactly how you feel and think and hear as well how your partner does as well. Try to see things from the other’s point of view. You may not always agree but its all about understanding and respecting each other’s differences and point of view. Lack of communication is one of the key things that destroy a relationship.

Time spent together is an issue that will always be a common problem among relationships. Too much time together or too little time together can ruin a relationship. So how to balance time together? Well simple. Plan dates together. Also give each other time to go out without one another. It says a lot of “I trust you”. Yes you may enjoy each other’s company but sometimes this may make the relationship boring and a routine. Do different things together. Talk about if you think you are giving too little time with each other or too much time.

Different family values and friends as well are an issue when it comes to some relationships. Every family has their own values, traditions and rules that make them unique from other families. This is why when someone is dating someone who has different values, problems rise. It may be that your family does not accept your partner’s family background or values, or it could be that your partner’s family does not accept your family background or values. Well in this case its best to introduce your partner to your family from the beginning of the relationship in order to prevent it. If the problem already exists then have a talk with your family and partner at the same time, clarify the issue and see how things can be fixed. Also talk to your partner on how conflicts are managed in their family and share of how conflicts are managed in your family as well. Be aware that your partner may not get along with your friends like you do. Speak of which of your friends your partner gets along with and with which ones they don’t in order to understand and approach the situation.

Lack of attention is one of the main issues that lead relationships to complete failure. This is where cheating, fights, and miscommunication happen. If you are someone who is forgetful, unobservant and easily distracted then maybe that’s the problem in your relationship. If your partner is speaking to you try to really listen. Don’t interrupt, focus on what your partner is telling you rather than thinking of how to respond, check with your partner towards what you think they are trying to say or said, and then respond. Complement each other once in a while, it says a lot of “Hey am still paying you attention”. Try to remember important dates; you can write it down, put in your cell phone reminder, or ask someone with good memory to remind you. Paying attention can prevent many misunderstandings and fights.

Disagreements will always happen in a relationship, its part of life and it is completely normal to have disagreements. Once these issues are resolved they help strengthening the relationship. While we may work hard to get the relationship started, when we have it we stop working hard; believing that we can be in it without effort typically leads to a crash in the relationship. Even though gifts and spending time together is important, sometimes it is the little things you do for each other that keep the relationship sprouting. Remember that healthy communication is essential, and that resolving conflicts require willingness and most of all honesty.