St. John’s Junior College Drivers Upset with New Parking Fee Print E-mail
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Thursday, 21 August 2014 00:00

St. John’s Junior College students who drive to school are complaining about a new fee that they must pay in order to park their vehicle on the compound.

The parking fee is $60 and students have reached out to us claiming that the fee is listed on their sheet even if they do not drive to school. The Guardian spoke to an official at the finance department who says that only students who drive to school and park on the compound are required to pay the fee. Any student who does not drive to school can disregard the fee. When a student pays the fee they receive a vehicle pass that allows them to enter and park in the spaces provided on the compound.

Second year students the Guardian spoke to on campus say there has been a fee for parking. It was $25 per semester last year. However, it went largely ignored and most students did not bother paying for the parking pass. The increase to $60 was noticed because it is listed as a fee this semester and represents an increase of 140 percent. Most drivers on campus seem reluctant to pay the fee - some seem to not even care that a parking fee exists. One second year student says, “They only check for pass like the first couple weeks so I will not even bother paying for that.” Those who plan to pay say it is unfair to raise the fee so high.

We were unable to get a comment from the institution about the reason behind the fee increase. However, in fairness to St. John’s College, it must be noted that the campus has one of the most organized parking systems in the country. The compound is also gated and well secured.