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Written by By: Kristen Jimenez   
Thursday, 21 August 2014 00:00

They say we can lose everything in this life - which is true. So what’s there that can’t be taken away from us? It is the education accompanied with the knowledge that we acquire over time. No matter who gives us the opportunity to have an education, or those who support us throughout the process, it can never be taken away- and that’s a given. Our role models, friends and family, are all driven by an educational background. Evidently, education is indeed an essential part of our society, and we must strive to attain it; whether it is formal or informal; because education in all forms does count. Education shapes a person into a well rounded individual. No doubt, it gives rise to the formation of critical thinking skills at a very young age without ever noticing the change. Education makes a person become influential effortlessly; therefore we can say that education is the key to success.

We can assure that all the public figures in Belize and around the world did obtain an education at some point in their lifetime. From our Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, to the police men who patrol and try to keep order in our country, the celebrities who act in movies, have an education. And indeed, we do look up to these people, and they become leaders of some sort to us. A couple years ago, education was the way to go. Times could have been difficult, but parents would never fail to have their children get ready for school, with the sash chord nearby for the ones who were stubborn. Everyone valued wearing a crisp uniform and in the end, getting a certificate that signified their academic achievement. We too can become inspirational to others, if we go back to the days when children didn’t have an option of staying at home, or if parents ensure their children understand the importance of an education.

Interestingly, we don’t necessarily need to have the highest degree of education to make an impact on someone’s life; however, having an education is important. It is surprising that even today some people cannot afford a high school education, mainly because of lack of finance. Even though the government provides support, some individuals refuse to seek help. Of course, we can be poorly educated but still successful. Some may not support this idea; maybe because they believe those with little education have a short journey of success. Nevertheless, works of individuals who had little education are available to us; some even made great impacts in our lives. From Steve Jobs to Albert Einstein, and even Shakespeare, we evidently see that poor education takes us somewhere. Steve Jobs only did six months of college and became a drop out; however, he invented Apple products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Whenever we hear Einstein’s name we tend to think genius. In fact, he was a high school dropout but still was able to develop theories that we use today. Lastly, Shakespeare only went to school until the age of thirteen. Despite this, he went on to write literary masterpieces like Romeo and Juliet. Anyone can have an impact, those with just some years in primary school or those having a PhD.  Education tends to begin the development of our mind, and also gives us knowledge. With that, we can use our creativity to expand what we know.

Many of us may think that an education isn’t necessary or beneficial to us. In fact, it takes up a majority of our lifetime, and half of the ideas we learn in schools won’t be applied to our daily lives or future. Although this may be partially true, it is essential to this society that we see the benefits that an education brings. An education nurtures the mind- somewhat like food for thought; it allows us to express our curiosities and get answers; it gives us great opportunities to discover our talents and abilities; it tweaks our skills into something more intense. We can become leaders by having an education. For many centuries there has never been a leader that didn’t experience any level of education. It is not the government’s responsibility to have everyone getting an education, but instead it is that of the caretaker of that child. If parents have to turn to their whips like back in the day, then so be it. Many times students fail to see the importance of an education because of being coerced to go to school, but even so, students must be taught about the importance and benefits; or else they risk being a dropout, and not all dropouts later become successful. Whether having a poor educational background or a well developed one, the important thing is- having one to fall back on. We are all leaders of this country. We may not be influential leaders at this present day, but we are future leaders, especially being a democratic country. We are held responsible for everything that happens within our country. This includes the striving of the economy, creation of jobs; as well as crime and violence. Education can be a contributing factor to this as well. If we have an education, we become occupied in making Belize a better country, but if we don’t have an education, our minds give in to idle and negative thoughts, which influence our actions. Leaders of today and future leaders, lend a hand to help in giving an individual an education. Let’s make a difference; let’s make a change. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.