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Written by By: Lesvi.V   
Thursday, 21 August 2014 00:00

All around the world individuals suffer from the terrorism of crime and violence, which has undoubtedly swept into our homes as a strong and unpleasant breeze. People are always complaining about crimes of shooting and murder; however, those crimes that sometimes cause the greatest effects are those silent crimes which remain unseen. These crimes are the worst for most countries around the world and they are not even acknowledged as heinous crimes. Abortion is one of these crimes. Abortion is the only type of murder whereby the perpetrator doesn’t even get tried in court. It is the only crime whereby the life of the victim is not respected and justified. Abortion is a great issue affecting the world, and most importantly teenagers.

Abortion may be considered necessary for a few individuals when incidents such as rape are involved; however, human beings need to understand that these vicious acts will never be right or justified in the eyes of God. Only God, the creator, has the will and power to choose when and whose life is to be taken away, no one else. An abortion takes the life of an innocent, defenseless baby. It punishes the unborn child who has done nothing wrong and frees the mother of her “burden.” If the mother feels as if she cannot sustain the child, she could easily turn to the option of adoption whereby the baby can be sent to a loving home with parents in search or need of a child. It is clear that God sends each person to this world for a reason and purpose, so who are we to decide that unborn individual’s faith? That individual could have been a doctor, a hero, or even the future Einstein. Abortion certainly is treacherous to that individual and the world ahead.

Furthermore, abortion is also detrimental to the mother committing the abortion. She experiences some stress, as well as, demoralization of her moral coding due to the fact of taking away the life of her unborn child.  For those women who demand complete control of their body and hence do not want a baby, this control should involve the use of contraceptives, birth control, or even abstinence; abortion should not be an option. In the case of teenagers who have began to have sex, which has resulted in unexpected pregnancy, abortion should not be taken into consideration, for these teenagers are, in truth, young and lack sufficient experience to fully understand what they are doing; these teenagers are too young to fully understand the value of life, and hence, should not be allowed to take it away.

It is clear that abortion should never be an option to any situation. Even when greatly flourished with excuses such as rape or unpreparedness, abortion is, indeed, murder and is against God and the laws of nature. It causes the mother to have psychological problems and stress, and evidently, it kills a life God has blessed the earth with. It robs the earth of any goodness in which this individual could have contributed to. Abortion is clearly detrimental to all and should certainly be discouraged.