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Thursday, 28 August 2014 00:00

The Missing Lemonal Resident, 27 year-old Denvo Banner, was found buried in a shallow grave behind a school in his village 2 weeks after going missing. The autopsy on his body revealed that he had been shot and killed, but the fatal wound was a bullet to the head.

His sister reported him missing on Saturday August 16, but the last time he was seen alive was the Saturday before that, which was August 9. He had told his family in Lemonal Village that he was going to visit a relative in Silk Grass Village, but he never made it.

On Saturday, August 23, his family accompanied a team of police officers to an area in the vicinity of St. Lukes Methodist Primary School. There, they found his decomposing corpse folded up in a shallow grave which was half the length of his size. The on-site post mortem reveals that Banner’s killer or killers shot him several times. Of not is that there were no expended shells found in the area where the body was found. It suggests that either he was killed with a revolver firearm or his body was brought to the area to be buried.

Ladyville police are following up all leads, and they’re trying to put together a timeline of events on the day he went missing. He was celebrating a championship at the Lemonal Community Centre with his Cricket Team. For his family members is some closure since they now know what happened to their relative even though his killer or killers are not yet identified.

Banner was charged in 2007 for the murder of Demsley Arnold, but he was later freed after the DPP’s Office withdrew the charge. Some have speculated that his death could somehow be connected to that case.