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Thursday, 28 August 2014 00:00

Dillon Diamonds has been sentenced to serve ten years at the Belize Central Prison for a failed robbery attempt of a cellular phone. The 26-year-old Taylor’s Alley resident is convicted of holding up a group of three Hispanic males near East Canal with a homemade double barrel sawed off shot gun.

Diamonds tried to rob Geovanni Quijano of his cell phone but was unsuccessful because a police mobile pulled up in the area and he was caught red handed. Diamond threw the shot gun into a nearby canal and hid behind a parked vehicle. That’s where police officer Ashton Flowers found him still wearing his stockings mask.

Diamonds trial concluded Wednesday evening, August 27. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith found him guilty after Quijano and his brother, who was with him at the time, testified. Chief Magistrate Smith told him that she believes his action placed the victim in fear of his life and that he did try to rob them but luckily the police came.  She told Diamonds, “I am satisfied that you were there on the night of the incident and that you were wearing a stocking on your head and that it was you who held up them.  Luckily for them, the police came. You are nothing but a common criminal who gave this court nothing but a fairy tale. I find you guilty.” The penalty for attempted robbery is the same as robbery. It carries a minimum jail term of five years and carries a maximum of twenty years. Diamonds was sentenced to ten years in prison.